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Chanel Mini Sıze Symmetrıcal Black Handbag


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                           Chanel | Classic Flap Bag: Review

Not long after I bought my first luxury bag (the YSL Niki, reviewed  back in 2018, I started eyeing the Chanel Classic Flap. Adapted from Coco Chanel’s 2.55 flap bag by Karl Lagerfeld in 1984, the Classic Flap is arguably one of the most iconic luxury bags in fashion history. Due to limited supply and brand prestige, the price of the Classic Flap has risen astronomically over the years and for that reason, it took me a long time before finally biting the bullet. I watched a lot of videos, read a ton of reviews, and perused countless forum discussions prior to my purchase and believe me, there are already a plethora of information about this bag online. However, because I enjoy writing bag reviews and because I spend a good chunk of money on this baby, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips with anyone who’s thinking of making a purchase. So to read on, click……

Depending on the season, the Chanel Classic Flap is available in up to seven different sizes: Extra Mini, Mini Square, Mini Rectangle, Small, Medium*, Large/Jumbo, and Maxi.  However, only the Small, Medium, Large/Jumbo, or Maxi are now considered part of the permanent collection and are therefore easier to procure on a regular basis. See below for their Canadian prices as.

As Chanel releases limited edition Classic Flap styles every season, you can find the bag in just about every leather and material there are, ranging from patent leather, tweed, jersey, velvet, alligator, to python. However, only two leathers are part of the permanent collection and they are lambskin and grained calfskin (commonly known as caviar leather). The bag is available in a rainbow of colors but black and beige are the two permanent options.
Unlike deciding between the different sizes, I knew from the get-go that I wanted the Classic Flap in a black caviar leather. Chanel lambskin is undoubtedly luscious and luxurious but it’s also notoriously fragile. If I’m spending  on a bag, I’m going to be wearing it on a regular basis so I have no time for a high maintenance leather like that. Additionally, I personally prefer the pebbly look of the caviar leather and the fact that it’s structured, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant is the mountain of cherries on top. I’ve worn the bag regularly for three months now and the leather still looks pristine.



The Chanel Classic flap has a structured design and this is especially emphasized with the stiffer caviar leather. As you can see clearly in the profile shot of the bag above, the inner flap takes up quite a bit of room, thereby restricting the maximum capacity of the bag. So although the Medium size looks fairly large, you really can’t fit all that much inside.


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